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Why is our oil market leading?

Our oil is a broad spectrum distillate refined from Hemp extract. It is produced in Oregon, USA, to a very high spec – i.e. high CBD levels, and zero THC levels. This distillate is then used to make all our products.

Our producer was the first licenced extractor in California; they are science led, veterans of the cannabis, pharmaceutical and tech industries, their goal is to constantly push the boundaries of the benefits of this plant through their multi million pound facilities across the West Coast of the USA.

Their financial investment keeps Naturecan at the forefront of quality and development of all cannabinoids, and Naturecan have secured this oil exclusively into the UK, Europe, and Asia.

The product is refined from hemp extracts through two processes: THC removal through chromatography, and distillation. Stopping the refinement at distillation allows our products to maintain other phytochemicals from the hemp, i.e. minor cannabinoids, to remain in the material.

The product spec of the oil is to contain between 90-95% CBD and also minimum 5% of the other high quality additional minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBDA etc. This rich mix of other phytochemicals (cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids etc) but with non-detectable (ND) THC leads to a high quality oil.

To have this mix of phytochemicals, at this level of potency, whilst removing the THC makes this product the most desirable oil to use to make finished products, on the market.

As well as the content of the product being market leading, the product is also the safest on the market. Any biomass that enters any of IAH facilities are tested before arrival and all end product is tested before it leaves. The product is then tested by an independent 3rd party tester to ensure safety and potency. The tests carried out are for pesticides, potency of CBD, microbial and residual solvents.

Is our oil a Full Spectrum Oil?

In short, it’s as full spectrum as it can be legally, without containing controlled substances like THC.

This is in reference to the fact our oil contains cannabinoids, terpenoids and other phytochemicals from the hemp plant.

So, with the removal of THC, we refer to the product as a Broad Spectrum Distillate.