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Moyra Cosgrove, BSc Hons Nutrition, MSc Sport Nutrition 

The Novel Food Applicaton

CBD novel food licensing naturecan

Naturecan have successfully submitted the Novel Food Licence Dossier within the timeframe set out by the FSA.

We believe that this is a necessary process that will greatly benefit the CBD industry and its customers, and have every confidence in the integrity of our Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate (with non-detectable THC levels, high bioavailability, and the capacity to create the entourage effect), as well as in our strict third-party testing process for the assurance of product quality and customer safety.

Naturecan is proud to be a member of the ACI, the CBD Industry Trade Body committed to nurturing a safe, legal and well-regulated CBD market in the UK.

Our Founders, Paul Finnegan and Andy Duckworth, as well as our Head of Nutrition, Moyra Cosgrove, are working in close collaboration with the ACI’s Director of Regulatory and Compliance, Dr Parveen Bhatarah and her team.

Who is involved in the process?

The license application dossier is a robust, complex and highly technical document that requires scientific evidence-based data.

- Moyra has previous experience in both the Nutritional Supplement sector and the Pharmaceutical industry, and also holds BSc Hons and MSc in Nutrition.
- Parveen has a wealth of experience in regulatory affairs, CBD and research, so is an invaluable guide through this lengthy and very costly process.
- Andy was CEO of Myprotein for 5 years previous to founding Naturecan, and so has experience with the team of building a global leader and of driving supply chain excellence, with an emphasis of transparency and testing.
- Paul has invested more than 18 months in the USA over the past 4 years to select the highest-quality, lowest THC oil available from Oregon.

UK Food Standards Agency Novel Food Application

What does this application consist of?

The UK Food Standards Agency Novel Food Application dossier requires Naturecan's CBD Distillate to undergo toxicology testing, very similar to that of a pharmaceutical product, as the first measure of safety of usage.

A further set of ADME studies must be undertaken to assess Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion of CBD in the body after consumption. It is also essential to submit stability studies, so that the consumer can be assured of the validity of the expiry date on Naturecan products.

CBD products Naturecan

Which products will be tested?

The dossier includes Naturecan Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate and all other Naturecan CBD finished products – from Tinctures and Capsules to Nut Butters and Cookies – so whichever product our customer chooses from the Naturecan range, they are assured of its safety and quality.

Ethics and Responsibility

Like all ethical and responsible companies in the consumer health and wellness sector, Naturecan has the safety of their customers at the forefront of their minds.

Consumers put their trust in companies like ours, and often order nutritional and health supplements directly online. Therefore, it is our responsibility to carefully select our ingredients (both active and inactive), ensuring that they comply with current safety regulations and are independently tested to high standards. All responsible sellers must also inform their customers of any precautions or contra-indications for CBD use.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Extensive third-party testing is already a fundamental part of our process.

From its inception, Naturecan has ensured that all products undergo a testing process of at least six stages in order to guarantee customer safety, ingredient quality and product purity.

We look forward to building on this essential process alongside the FSA through our Novel Food Licensing.

CBD on the Rise in the UK

CBD product use has grown significantly in the UK within the past year. A recent YouGov poll provided insight into CBD usage and awareness in the UK population. It revealed that 71% of respondents were aware of CBD and 16% of them had already purchased a CBD product. “However, when it came to consumer confidence in CBD products," say the ACI, "the results were not positive."

Only 29% of respondents felt confident that CBD products were labelled correctly and properly tested, while 45% said they were NOT confident. This poll demonstrated that consumers have a clear view regarding regulation of CBD; they want to see it, so the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) can be assured that they have consumer support for the new measures they have introduced.

An Overview of the UK Cannabinoid Market

Novel Food License Application Legal Requirement

When did we submit our application?

Naturecan submitted all the required documentation to the UK Government FSA in March 2021.

Why is it important?

The approval of our application will serve as a guarantee of the safety and quality of our products, and allow them to legally remain on sale after this date.

What happens next?

Any company not complying with the FSA these regulations will have their products removed from sale.

A Message from our Head of Nutrition and External Affairs

This is very good news for the consumer, as they will easily be able to see if their chosen CBD products are compliant with these important regulations.
This will certainly boost consumer confidence in the compliant CBD brands, as well as ensuring that ongoing research in this exciting field is conducted on safe, independently tested products. With the progress Naturecan has already made, and continues to make, through third-party testing and stringently researched NPD creation, we look forward to operating in an industry that guarantees customer safety and product quality.

People use CBD oil and other CBD-based products for different reasons, including reducing pain, controlling anxiety and improving sleep. Although studies report few side effects with CBD use, its effectiveness for various medical conditions requires further research. CBD oil is commonly used for medical conditions that researchers may have not yet rigorously studied, because anecdotally, it works for other people with those conditions. People who use CBD oil should consult their doctor, especially if they are taking prescription drugs, to ensure it is safe to do so.

CBD should not be consumed during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, as like many supplements and medications, the safety of doing so has not been established. As always, Naturecan will continue to drive awareness around safe CBD use for all types of people – supporting individuals with clear, easily accessible information relating to daily use, dosage and CBD product types.

The innovative research on the use of CBD for various end indications, with the aim of providing scientific, evidence-based data, is ongoing. This research is both promising and exciting, especially when the above regulations are in place to reassure the consumer on the safety of available CBD products – and as a business committed to the welfare of all consumers, we hope to continue our robust safety practices in line with those of the FSA.

The FSA currently advises those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medication not to consume CBD products. The FSA recommends no more than 70mg a day (about 28 drops of 5% CBD) unless under medical direction. This new precautionary advice is based on recent findings by the government’s Committee on Toxicity (COT). Finally, please consider all forms of consumption as part of this calculation up to 70mg; ingestion, inhalation, and via dermal means.

Moyra Cosgrove, BSc Hons Nutrition, MSc Sport Nutrition 

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