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We’ve researched the best times of the day to complete our daily activities, which in turn, should help people to get the most out of their lives. These popular everyday activities include the best times to:

  • Eat
  • Have sex
  • Wake up
  • Exercise
  • Chill-out
  • Sleep
How to live a healthier life in 12 steps

We set out to find out the absolute optimum times to work, rest and play by monitoring over 1000 people and their body clocks.

Participants were asked to log the optimum times when they got the maximum benefits out of range of daily activities. Based on the responses, we were able to come up with a daily timetable to help the average person to live a balanced lifestyle. While no two people are the same, the below was found to be the very best times for the average person to do the key activities which make a healthy and happy life.

Making small adjustments to your routine can help you to lose weight, get fitter, be more effective at work, improve muscle strength, sleep better and even be a better lover!

Naturecan’s 12-point plan to live a healthy life

12 point plan for a healthy life table Naturecan
Best time toOptimum timeNaturecan’s advice
1. Wake up7 amYou should have between 7-9 hours of sleep. You need more sleep up to the age of 18 (typically up to 10 hours for a teen), but it is a myth that we need less sleep as we get older.
2. Go for a run7:15 amResearch shows that doing cardio-exercise in a fasted state (before breakfast) leads to an increase in the amount of fat being burned. That is because blood sugar, insulin and glycogen levels are lower after an overnight fast.
3. Sex7:30 amBoth sexes have more energy as they’re well-rested. The rush of endorphins sparked by sex lowers blood pressure/ stress levels and makes for an upbeat day.
4. Breakfast7:45 am84% of respondents in the Naturecan study said that sticking to defined meal times is the best way to lose weight.
5. Starting work10 amResearch shows we reach our mental peak around three hours after waking. Your concentration, memory, and creativity should be best at this time of the day.
6. Relaxing10:45 amThis is when our stress levels are at their highest, particularly early on in the week when to-do lists tend to be the biggest.
7. Lunch12:45 pmThis should be five hours after eating breakfast. Three-quarters of those surveyed (75%) found they benefited from never skipping a midday meal.
8. Showing willpower3:30 pmThis is officially ‘Snack O'Clock’ when our willpower is at its weakest. 39% of respondents said that mid-afternoon was when they were most likely to break a diet.
9. Drink6 pm This is usually when we unwind after a long day at work. The key is not to leave it too late because your body needs at least four hours for your liver to recover from alcohol consumption before sleep.
10. Dinner/tea6:15 pmBut don't pig out even if you have been watching your calories all day.The vast majority of respondents surveyed by Naturecan (72%) said the key to successful weight loss was not to exceed your lunch-time calorie count at dinner - so you have an even calorie intake throughout the day.
11. Weight-lift6:30 pmMost studies find that strength is at a low point in the morning and climbs until it tops in the early evening. Naturecan’s research found that if training involved a lot of strength or power-based exercise, performance in the gym was best after work, instead of the early evening.
12. Bed time10 pmThis allows us 20 minutes to get to sleep and then 90 minutes for the most restorative non-REM (rapid eye movement), sleep which is best achieved before midnight.

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