How to use Releaf App


How to use Releaf App

Releaf App is a free mobile application that helps people to track and optimize their CBD consumption. 

The app allows users to record and monitor every aspect of their intake, including the products they use, their dosage, their health complaints, and the effects of CBD on their symptoms.

All of this information is kept anonymous and used to provide tailored product and dosage recommendations. The more information that users record in the app, the more intelligent the reports and recommendations they receive will be.

Users can also choose to share their data anonymously and contribute to a growing field of scientific research into the effect of cannabinoids on particular medical conditions.

Find out more about the benefits of Releaf App here.

How do I use Releaf App?

Learn how to use Releaf App with the following six-step guide.

1. Download

First, download Releaf App from the app store. When you open it, you’ll be directed to the home screen (shown below).


2. Add Products

Tap on the “cannabis” tab at the bottom left of the screen. This page shows you all of your cannabis or CBD products, as well as the number of times you have used them, the date you first selected them, and your overall rating for each product. You can sort them by rating, name or date.

To add your products to this page, tap the plus icon at the bottom right and select your CBD seller from the directory. If you can’t find your seller there, you can enter your product’s details manually.


3. Add Equipment

Tap on the “more” tab at the bottom right of your screen. Here you can modify your account details, select which equipment you use to take your CBD or cannabis, and provide feedback on particular products.

Tap on “my equipment” to add any tools that you use to take CBD or cannabis, such as a pipe or vape pen.


4. Start Session

You’re now ready to start your first session. When you have your products and equipment ready, tap on the “home” icon in the bottom center of your screen to return to the home page.

Tap “Start a real-time session” and then select up to four symptoms that you want to monitor. Once you have done this, tap “Next” and select the product or products you are going to use in this session.


5. Record Symptoms and Doses

Use the slider on the right side of the screen to record how you’re feeling before the session on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 meaning you have no symptoms and 10 meaning that your symptoms are severe).

Next, tap on the round “dose” icon on the left side of the screen and select your dosage. In this example, we’ve selected 3 drops of 10% CBD oil, which is equal to 15 mg CBD. If you need help finding your optimal dosage, try out our CBD Dosage Calculator.

Record how you feel during your session using the “notes” and “feels” tabs in the bottom left and right corners of the screen. Every time you take a dose or apply your product, tap the round “dose” icon on the left and adjust the symptom slider if you’re feeling any different.


6. Review Session

When you’re ready to wrap up your session, tap the “end” button in the top right corner. You’ll then be asked to rate the effectiveness of your session on a scale of 0 to 5. After this, you’ll be directed to the session review page, where you can look at your symptom levels over the course of the session, and reflect on any feelings and thoughts you recorded.


Video Tutorial

For a more detailed look at how to use Releaf App, check out this short video below:

More About Releaf App

Releaf App is an independent organisation with a global impact. Aside from its research, investigative journalism and consumer advocacy, Releaf is committed to promoting transparency and fairness in the cannabis marketplace, while helping growers, consumers, and processors, among others, to make informed decisions and improve their products. To learn more about Releaf App, visit their website here.

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