Naturecan Unfolded: How leadership turns into exponential growth

Naturecan Lightening 50 E-Commerce Growth Hacking with Andrew Duckworth Naturecan CEO

Naturecan Unfolded: How leadership turns into exponential growth

Our Co-Founder, Andy Duckworth talks ‘strategy’, as he takes you through how he and his team, have driven 220% YOY sales growth for our wellness brand, Naturecan

In the latest Lightening 50 E-Commerce Growth Hacks podcast episode, Andy talks all things Naturecan and how our CBD-Wellness brand has grown immensely popular on a global scale. Furthermore, Andy discusses how Naturecan achieved an impressive 220% growth rate, landing us 6th in the Lightning 50 Fastest Growing Companies and coming top in the Health & Beauty Category!

Naturecan Podcast Interview Highlights

Andy on Products & Supply Chain: “The globalised product is our goal – to branch into USA, Asia and Western Europe – that’s what I’d say is our ‘secret’. My other tip is to harness your supply chain: getting your products to the customer quickly, and understanding the quality of your product in-depth, in regards to what is going into it at every stage of the production process.”

Andy on The Pandemic & Lockdown: “Our biggest challenge was the pandemic – it impacted our freight costs massively. For example, moving stock around costs more than it used to; marketing costs more as more businesses move online. But we’ve still managed to cut through. It’s been relatively smooth compared to others so we’re lucky in that way.”

Andy on People & Profit: “We focus on people – that’s our customers, along with our in-house team, and the quality of our product. Those are what we pride ourselves on.”

“Regarding growth, this year we will top 10M in revenue. The growth behind that is strong, so next year we’re expecting a strong boost in growth again. It’s just hitting global markets; it gives you more opportunities for success. Different markets grow at different rates but putting it all together really boosts revenue.”

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